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Using sample contracts

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Build a contract from the suggested samples

Based on the information from your personal and contractor profiles, contracts such as NDAs and contractor agreements can be created automatically in a matter of clicks. The document will include standardised details such as the page number, date/time, file name, company, and contractor information.
It will appear in the correct position on every page. You can also apply modifications to the sample to personalise your contracts.

This article will cover:

  • NDA and contractor agreement definitions

  • Personalizing sample contracts

  • Sample contract variables

  • Sending a contract to your partner(s)

NDA and Contractor Agreement Definitions

NDA stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement and implies that the parties signing the contract will not disclose any confidential information obtained from the contractual relationship. Lano NDAs are compliant with labor laws and available in English and German.

Under the Contractor Agreement, the client is obliged to pay the independent contractor for performing certain services. At Lano, we currently offer English and German versions of the Contractor Agreement (or Dienstleistungsvereinbarung) based on the German labor law and an English sample contract that complies with standard labor laws.

Personalising Sample Contracts

In case you need to add certain points to the contract, modifications are possible by duplicating a sample contract.

Step 1: Select Settings > Team in the menu.

Step 2: Click on Contracts to see a list of sample contracts. Use the duplication option on the right side to edit the contract.

Step 3: From there, you will be able to apply modifications to the contract, delete or add the necessary clauses or change the variables.

Step 4: Click on "create" in the bottom left corner to validate the changes and save the contract template.

Sample Contract Variables

By choosing different variables, your document will automatically be updated. You can choose from 4 different variable categories:

Company Variables

  • Teamadmin Name

  • Teamadmin Surname

  • Company Name

  • Company Phone Nr

  • Company Email

  • Company Country

  • Company City

  • Company Street

  • Company Zip

Freelancer Variables

  • Freelancer/Vendor Name

  • Freelancer/Vendor Surname

  • Vendor company name

  • Freelancer/Vendor Phone Nr

  • Freelancer/Vendor Email

  • Freelancer/Vendor Country

  • Freelancer/Vendor City

  • Freelancer/Vendor Street

  • Freelancer/Vendor Zip

  • Freelancer/Vendor Birthdate

System Variables

  • Template got send to Freelancer

  • In X days after send to Freelancer

  • In X months after send to Freelancer

  • Last Day of Current Month

  • In X months after Last Day of Current Month

  • First Day of next Month

  • In X months after First Day of next Month

Document Variables

  • Given Document/Vertrag Erstellungsdatum

  • Given Document/Scope of Work

  • Given Document/Termination date

Sending a contract to your partner(s)

Once you have completed editing the contract, you can quickly send it to your contractor through the Lano platform and request a digital signature. Newly created contracts can be used at any point when you send a contract to your partner through the Compliance section.

Please note: The sample contracts are available only for the users registered after 2020. These sample contracts have been drafted with due diligence, but should not be construed as being entirely accurate, complete, or covering all situations. Find more information in our Terms and Conditions.

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