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The number of freelancers and remote workers is growing exponentially. The way we work is changing. Our mission is to support this shift by making it easier to hire, onboard and pay global teams. Join us!

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Being able to work from anywhere is a great advantage in terms of work-life balance.
Claudia Menezes

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Lano gives me the opportunity to work from anywhere, and it allows me to see my family more often and to escape the bad weather in Germany whenever I want.
Johannes Kral

Senior Content Strategist

One of the things I enjoy most about remote work is not having to commute for an hour every day.
Fernando D'Imperio

Data Engineer

The location flexibility provided by Lano has allowed me to return to my home country after spending almost 12 years abroad.
Raquel Camacho

Brand Communication Manager

I really appreciate the flexibility and that I get to structure my own workday.
Katherine Guevara

Senior Account Executive

As a product manager at Lano you have a lot of freedom, and you also have a big impact on the development of the company.
Patryk Sudnik

Senior Product Manager

It’s exciting to be part of a fast-growing company. I build solutions our clients will use for years.
Josephine Ernst

Fintech Development Lead

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