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4.9/5 on Capterra

One smart platform to run your business

Create invoices for free, send them to clients anywhere, and collect payments in 28 currencies.

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How Lano helps contractors

Manage your contracts, clients and workload

Keep track of your to-dos and generate timesheets

Create invoices and share them with clients worldwide

Always get paid on time in your preferred currency

Create free invoices fast and easy

No more emailing back-and-forth and chasing unpaid invoices. Create invoices that fulfill all legal requirements and send them to clients all around the world directly with Lano.

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Get paid on your terms

Get paid for your work in any currency, at any time. Lano makes it easy for you to collect payments in 28 currencies from clients across the globe. There are no hidden bank fees.

Profit from compliant agreements

Forget handshakes and vague commitments: Lano makes sure you get a proper contract and all the legal protection you’re entitled to in your country.

With Lano I can be sure to have correct contracts with my clients and to always be paid on time.

Product Designer

Randall Johnson

I use Lano for all the requirements that freelancing brings – from writing proposals, organizing my tasks to invoicing. I can only recommend Lano.


Joanna Koch

My job is to write excellent texts for clients, not chase open invoices. Lano guarantees that I get my money.

Content Creator

Chris Meier


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Unlock global growth

Manage all your administrative tasks with a single platform. Use our bulletproof contract templates to work with clients from all over the world. Organize your to-dos, track working hours, create timesheets and generate invoices.

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More flexibility and freedom for global contractors

The complete toolkit for your freelance business

Manage your clients, sign bulletproof contracts, send invoices and get paid on time, every time.

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Freelancer Guide

How to boost your freelance business

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