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How PrestaShop relies on Lano for scaling a global team

Using Lano’s Global employment solution, PrestaShop expanded to four countries within six months.

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Countries where full time employees are located

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Without Lano we would not have been able to be that quick in our international expansion.

Alice Perraut, PrestaShop

HR Business Partner

About PrestaShop

Headquartered in Paris, France, PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce management software that enables anyone to open an online shop. Today, PrestaShop is available in over 60 languages and PrestaShop sites are used to generate over 21 billion Euro in online sales. With the pandemic rapidly expanding their user base as more vendors turned to eCommerce, the ease and flexibility of Prestashop made it an attractive option for many users. 

The PrestaShop team experienced rapid growth over the last two years and aimed to hire a team that mirrors their global reach. In order to manage the hiring and onboarding processes efficiently, PrestaShop began searching for a solution that could help them scale globally, without creating complex, time-consuming workflows.


Testing new markets while meeting ambitious growth targets

PrestaShop wanted to manage their global scaling in an efficient way. With their global customer base, they needed to access more expertise and build operations in other countries beyond France. While it was clear that PrestaShop planned to first expand within Europe, the team did not want to open new entities in different countries at the beginning of this expansion. Opening new entities requires large time and monetary investments and creates a lock-in for where the team could expand. However, PrestaShop wanted to use the opportunity to test new markets while working with full time employees abroad. 

In addition to broader flexibility of testing new markets, it was critical that the HR processes around hiring and onboarding new employees was efficient. The team aimed to triple in size in a year and hoped to do so without overburdening the HR team. It was key that hiring full time employees abroad was as simple as possible for PrestaShop. The team was looking to hire specialists who could help bridge the gap as the team expanded globally, from localization specialists to country managers, and tech evangelists. 

Through searching for the right solution that met the balance of scalability, flexibility and speed, PrestaShop began evaluating Employer of Record (EOR) solutions, where full time employees could be hired abroad without opening an entity.


Growing globally with lightweight onboarding processes

After further evaluating the EOR Model, it was clear that it would be the best fit for PrestaShop’s needs. When it came time to choose providers, it was important that whichever provider they chose felt like a strong partner for the future as well.  It was PrestaShop’s first endeavour into an EOR approach and so a high level of service and rich local knowledge were critical for them. Lano met these qualifications from an attentive team to speedy processes from the very beginning. 

With Lano’s Global Employment Solution, PrestaShop knew that they found a partner that would  ensure that building a scalable EOR approach was as seamless as possible. Once PrestaShop finds a qualified candidate to extend an offer to, they request a quote through Lano. The quote helps them to understand how much it will cost to hire the employee in that country, since every country has different regulations around social costs and taxes. After this quote is approved, Lano and PrestaShop work together to create a compliant employment contract that works well for all of the stakeholders. Once the contract is signed, Lano takes over to start onboarding the new employee via their in-country partner, saving the PrestaShop team time on onboarding. 

Using the Lano platform, the HR and finance team at PrestaShop can manage invoices from their employees abroad simply. With just a couple of clicks, invoices for employees abroad can be approved and paid without leaving the Lano platform. These simplified, standardised processes make it easy and efficient for PrestaShop to hire in new markets without adopting time consuming, country specific processes.


Expand to hiring in four countries within six months

The Lano Global Employment Solution enabled PrestaShop to expand to four countries in six months without opening entities. With Lano, PrestaShop could hire the right people in new markets quickly. PrestaShop met their growth targets and built scalable HR processes. 

Compared to hiring an employee in France, hiring an employee abroad with Lano saves the HR team at least 10 hours per employee during the onboarding process alone. The high level of support provided from Lano to the team at PrestaShop made the transition to using an EOR model straightforward every step of the way and it was simple to reach out to their dedicated account manager when questions arose. PrestaShop plans to continue to grow internationally using Lano’s platform as they continue to test new markets.

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