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  • Run Global Payroll
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Verified Partner since 2021

Onboard employees in 150+ countries

Scale globally without opening a single entity. With our Employer of Record service, we help you onboard the perfect hire – faster and easier than ever before.

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Hire globally without hassle

With our Employer of Record partners, we've created a global network of entities. We help you onboard employees in 150+ countries and are 100% compliant with local laws.

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Attract top talent anywhere

Offer candidates any form of employment with competitive benefits and in compliance with local regulations. With Lano, you onboard employees in days, not weeks or months.

Don’t worry about compliance

We work with experts in local employment law and handle the entire hiring process for you. Lano guarantees that each employee gets a bulletproof contract with all local benefits.



Global hiring made easy

Lano enables your business to onboard employees in 150+ countries without the need to establish a legal entity.

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Onboard employees abroad without an entity

Work with full-time or freelance talent, everywhere

Ensure compliance all over the world

Simplify your legal setup and get local support

Easily manage your distributed teams

Enable fast and seamless employee relocation

Test new markets, without unnecessary risk

Equip your team with everything they need

Onboard new employees in less than one week

Sign our Master Service Agreement

The compliant-ready Master Service Agreement with Lano will be the basis for all further collaboration.

Share your job offer details with us

Tell us where and on what terms you would like to hire your employee and we will kick off the onboarding process.

Get a local contract for your new hire

Your employee gets all the benefits of a local contract, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Enjoy an exceptional global team experience

Manage your entire global team in one single platform, from contracts to payroll, benefits, taxes, and more.

Used by teams across the whole world, different industries and roles

HR & People Ops

Hire top talent in 150+ countries and quickly scale your international team. Retain team members even if they relocate.

Finance & Legal

Don't worry about local employment laws or tax requirements. From compliant contracts to global payroll, we’ve got you covered.

Startups & Scaleups

Fast-track your growth and build the best team on the planet, without worrying about compliance, payroll or HR admin.

As it was the first time for us hiring remotely, and we were operating on a short deadline, it was great to have that kind of support. Without Lano's simple process, we probably would have lost the candidate.

Founder and CEO

Thomas Gurry

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Countries with compliance coverage with Lano

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More flexibility and freedom for global teams

Hire full-time talent anywhere in the world

From compliant contracts to seamless onboarding, get everything you need to build the best team on the planet.

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Global teams

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  • Verified Partner since 2021

  • 4.9/5 on Capterra

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