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Turn contractors into full time employees

Avoid misclassification by transitioning your contractors into employees. With Lano, you can ensure you stay compliant while building a flexible team based in 170+ countries.

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Flexibly scale the team for your growth goals

Hire contractors as full-time employees without setting up new entities. We have compliance covered so you grow globally with confidence.

Offer local benefits to your global teams

Give your employees country-specific benefits without needing to become an expert in local labor law and taxes wherever your team is based.

Receive dedicated support every step of the way

You will have a dedicated Lano contact to help you take the right approach as you transition contractors to full time employees.

Ensure your growth stays compliant

From labor laws to obligatory statutory benefits, we work with local experts to provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information.

How Lano works


Evaluate the change in costs

Understand how much it will cost you to hire your contractor as a full time employee in their country using Lano’s Employment Cost Calculator.


Sign a full time employment contract

Sign the Lano Global MSA if this contractor will be your first hire via Lano and review and accept the details of their full time employment contract.


Onboard and manage

We will help the new employee understand how their full time role is different and help you familiarize yourself with the Lano platform.


Manage invoices and payments

Simplify your invoice and payment operations for all employees with just a few clicks and all under one roof.

What can you do with Lano?

Employment Cost Calculator

Get a sense of how much hiring in a particular country for a role will cost quickly and compare it to other countries.

Compliant Quote Request

Ensure that the hiring details that you offer to the candidate are compliant with local regulations before you offer them the contract.

Salary Management

Bonuses? Travel Expenses? Sick leave? Manage these seamlessly through the Lano platform ensuring that every paycheck is correct.

Without Lano we would not have been able to be that quick in our international expansion.

Alice Perraut, PrestaShop

HR Business Partner

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