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Hire top talent anywhere

Find the right candidates for your needs no matter where they are in the world. With Lano, you can build compliant, remote teams in 170+ countries. 

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Scale your team flexibly without opening entities

Onboard the right candidates for your needs no matter where they are. With Lano, you can build compliant, remote teams in 170+ countries. 

Take the guess work out of compliance

With Lano, you can build your global team compliantly. We assist you in keeping compliance at the forefront of your long term goals.

Receive expert local advice

By partnering with local providers, we ensure that you have local employment advisors keeping you up to date with the most current employment regulations. 

Provide a great employee experience for everyone

Offer localized benefits packages that match the needs of specific employees. With Lano, your team will receive a seamless process from onboarding to payments.

Retain your IP Rights

Lano ensures that Intellectual Property created by the team remains with you. We will see to it that your team has the right protection it needs.

How Lano works


Evaluate your hiring costs

Estimate the cost to make a hire and request the employee quote using Lano’s compliance-first platform.


Sign a globally compliant contract

Sign the our Global MSA for your first hire and review and accept the details of your new employee.


Onboard new employees quickly

We will work with you and the employee to prepare for their new role and help you familiarize yourself with the Lano platform.


Manage invoices and payments

Simplify your invoice and payment operations for all employees with just a few clicks and all under one roof.

What can you do with Lano?

Employment Cost Calculator

Get a sense of how much hiring in a particular country for a role will cost quickly and compare it to other countries.

Compliant Quote Request

Ensure that the hiring details that you offer to the candidate are compliant with local regulations before you offer them the contract.

Salary Management

Bonuses? Travel Expenses? Sick leave? Manage these seamlessly through the Lano platform ensuring that every paycheck is correct.

When we were searching for the right candidate from Germany or Switzerland only, we had a position that was open for nearly three years. Once we expanded our search to Europe and found Lano, we hired the person within a month.

Marie Schuster

People Partner

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