Types of Invoices

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Types of Invoices

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Types of Invoices

With Lano, your contractors can build their invoices based on tasks they were assigned to, timesheets that they created by themselves, or free input. All the necessary information about your company (name, address, VAT ID) and your Contractor is automatically taken from your Lano accounts.

1. Task-based invoices

Your contractor can create an invoice based on the task that you have assigned to them and approved its execution. All relevant invoicing information will be taken from the task and your contractor can automatically generate an invoice.

2. Timesheet-based invoices

Your contractor can also record their tasks in a timesheet and send you an invoice based on this timesheet.

3. Free input invoices

Finally, your contractors can create invoices for their work without any assigned tasks or created a timesheet in Lano. In this case, they can simply enter all the necessary information such as the task name, duration, and respective fee in our invoice template.

Contractor view on invoicing

Below you can see the options that will be available to your contractor when creating an invoice.

Creating your own invoices in Lano

This is ideal for saving an invoice in your Lano account and initiating the payment through our platform when receiving it via e-mail or mail.

Plausibility check

Automatically generated invoices rely on data from our system to create the invoice and therefore eliminate the possibility of receiving faulty invoices from your contractors.

The automatically generated data includes:

  • Invoice ID

  • Date of invoice

  • Billing address & address of biller

  • Bank details

  • Task name or invoiced task(s)

  • VAT ID & tax number

Please note: The VAT ID will only be added either if the company added it in Settings > Invoices or if the freelancer has activated the printing of the client's VAT under the invoice function in the Settings.

  • Tax rate

  • Invoice amount

If your contractor sends their invoice as a PDF, they choose the tasks to be invoiced in their Lano account and upload their own invoice.

Before you can approve this invoice, you have to complete a plausibility check. This means you must check if the invoice amount on the PDF matches the costs for the task saved in our system.

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