Creating groups and tags to organise your network

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Creating groups and tags to organise your network

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Accessing the filters

At Lano, we offer group, tag and skills filters in order to organise your contractors and help you quickly find the right contractor to work with on a certain task. Those filters can be found through Settings > Team. They can be also accessed from the Tasks section when requesting freelancers for tasks.

Please note: Groups and tags can be created by your team members while skills are chosen by the contractors themselves. You cannot add or modify your contractors’ skills but you can rate them after having worked with a freelancer.

Groups and tags types

Before you start, you should think about how you want to organise your partners and allocate them into certain categories. Which groups and tags you create depends on the individual needs of your company.

Here are some ways of organising your partners:

  • We recommend creating groups based on the job title/area of expertise of your partners. This will make it more convenient for you when you assign your project managers to work with certain groups (e.g. internal designer to work with the freelance designer pool).

  • Tags can be assigned to your contractors’ profiles to describe the unique characteristics of a person (skills, location). This allows you to search your network in a more targeted manner and find the right candidate for your project. You might look for "photographer in London" or "software developer, Javascript, Berlin".

Creating a new group

Step 1:

To create a new group, go to My network > Departments in your dashboard.

Step 2:

Click the button "Add Department".

Step 3:

Now, you can name your group and optionally add a short description and a group picture. Click "create" to save your group.

Adding a Contractor to the Department

Step 1:

To add a partner to a group, click "Add Team Member" in the Departments section.

(You can also directly add a contractor to a Department when inviting them to your network.)

Step 2:

Afterwards, you can select partners from your network and add them to the group by clicking on the "plus" (+) symbol.

Step 3:

To see all members of the group, click on the group in the group overview. Here, you will find a list with all Contractors included in the group. A click on their name will take you to their profile.

Please note: You can assign your internal project manager to work with a certain group of people (e.g. internal designer to work with the freelance designer pool).

Assigning tags

Step 1:

To assign a certain tag to your contractor, go to the partner’s profile.

Step 2:

You can add a new tag by clicking on “+ add tag” under the contractor’s working experience.

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