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Register on the Lano Platform

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Register on the Lano Platform

Learn how to register your company on the Lano platform.

To start using Lano, you should register your company on the platform. You can change the information you provide during the registration afterward. To register, click the button in the top right corner. This process will take you to a series of questions. 

What is your main goal?

Please select here your intention for using the platform. We will use this information to better support you.

Create your account

Please provide us with the basic information of the person creating the first company user and create a password for the platform. After you save this information, you can enter the company’s information.

  • Company Name - this should be the legal company name

  • Сompany legal identifier - provide either the VAT number or the registration number

  • Invoicing currency - provide the currency in which you want to be invoiced

  • Address - provide the headquarter address that you want us to put on the invoice

    Once you click create account, we will send you a verification email to complete the registration process.

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