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Hire a New Employee

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Hire a New Employee

In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Lano platform to get an exact cost overview for a new hire. This option is ideal for cases when you have a specific candidate and requires more details than our Hiring Cost Calculator. The hiring flow described below has compliance embedded into the answers to ensure accuracy. Please note that the partner assignment is based on country selection and visa/work permit requirements.

Use our Hiring Cost Calculator for a quicker but less accurate cost estimation.

In the left menu, click on Hire to see all your hires. Next, click on Add hire in the top right corner, which will take you through the steps described below.

Step 1: provide the position details. 

  • Job title

  • Experience level required for the position

  • Job description from the job offer

Step 2: provide employee details

  • First and last name

  • Email address - we won’t send any emails until you’re ready to start onboarding

  • Country where the employee will be based in

  • State - only if required

  • Can the employee legally work from the country of hire?

Step 3: provide contract details

  • Contract type, indefinite or fixed term
    For fixed term provide end date

  • Start date

  • Employment type, full time or part time
    For part time: provide hours per day, days per month

  • Number of annual leave days

  • Notice period, choose from selection

  • Probation period, choose from selection

Step 4: specify salary and add benefits

  • Gross yearly base salary in local currency

  • Would you like to add a bonus/commission?
    If yes: select type, amount, select payment frequency (monthly, quarterly, yearly)

  • Would you like to add an allowance?
    If yes: select type, amount, payment frequency (monthly, quarterly, yearly)

Step 5: get employment costs

Here you will see an overview of your provided answers. You can verify if everything is correct and make changes if needed. Please note that if you change your answers for the following questions, all provided data will be lost and should be redone: Country employee will be based in / Can the employee legally work from the country of hire? 

When finished, you click get employment costs on the bottom right. This will send all provided information to our partner so they can start calculating the exact costs and give you an overview.

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