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Request Termination or Report a Resignation

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Learn how to request a termination or report an employee’s resignation

Terminations and resignations are a part of the employee lifecycle. When these circumstances arise, it is critical that these requests be reported to Lano immediately via our platform. 

Because your employee is legally hired by a third-party, the Employer of Record (EOR) is ultimately responsible for executing the termination and the communication with the employee. For the same reason, we strongly advise that you neither inform nor discuss this termination with your employee until we have received clear guidance from the EOR. 

In order to request a termination, log in to “Team Members > Employee profile” and click on the top right corner menu (three dots) and select “Request termination.”

You will then be asked to provide a reason for your requested termination. It is important to be as detailed as possible when providing your reasoning. Once you have provided your reason, click “Submit Request.” It is important to note that this is simply a termination request and does not immediately terminate the contract with your employee. A termination is not effective until the relevant documents have been signed by the employee. 

Once your request has been submitted, our customer service team will be in touch with you to discuss next steps regarding the termination including: 

  • Notice period

  • Severance pay

  • Review of termination letter or Mutual  Separation Agreement 

  • Final payslip calculations

Lano will always consider your desired end date as the goal, however, we can only terminate the employee according to what is permitted by law. Once you have submitted your termination request, we will advise shortly on end dates, please bear in mind we still need a few working days to: arrange the call with the employees, draft and issue a termination letter, review annual leave, de-registerer from social security etc.

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