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Hiring Flow

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Hiring Flow

After you finalise the quotation process (add new hire), you will be able to see the status of the process in the “Hires” tab. Here you will see an overview of all your new hires. To see the specific details of one person, simply click on their name to open their profile. 

Here you will see two tabs: Hiring progress and Contract Details


Step 1: Accept the employment cost

We will share the details of the costs related to hiring this employee. Please keep in mind that his values are estimations and that your invoices might differ depending on the changes in payroll. 

If you agree with the costs, click “Accept and continue”. If not, click on “reject”; this will be the end of the flow for that case. 

Step 2: Sign Master Service Agreement

If this is your first employment with Lano, you will have to sign our Master Service agreement. For this, you will have to provide information (full name, job title and email) from someone in the company with signatory authority. Once this information is entered, we will send our contract for your review. 

Once you review the contract and sign it, we will get a notification and countersign it. 

Step 3: Start and track candidate employment

As soon as both parties sign the MSA, the process will move forward. Click “Start employment” to invite your employee to join the Lano Platform. 

We will send an email to your employee (to the email address you provided earlier). The status will change to “Employment in progress”. During this stage, we gather all documents and information needed to draft the employment contract. 

Once the employment contract is ready, we will share it with you for review. If approved, we will send the final version to the employee for signature and notify you as soon as is done. 

Step 4: Pay deposit 

After the employment contract is signed, we will issue a deposit invoice. Once this is paid, your employee will be onboarded.  

  • Deposit: For every new employee hired through EOR, a deposit is required. The deposit is charged in case of wrongful termination, for most countries, the deposit is charged for one full month (salary + employee cost + management fee). However, in some cases, it could be two months due to legal regulation or if alternative payment terms were agreed upon with Lano. The deposit is fully refundable once the employment contract is terminated, within 60 days from the last paid termination invoice.


You can review the details you entered during the quotation process. In case you wish to change some of the information here. Please reach out to customersuccess@lano.io. The team will make the necessary changes.

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