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Manage Users and Assign Roles

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Learn how to manage and assign roles on your Lano portal

In the Lano platform, company users are the ones who have the ability to manage the account. As an admin user, you have full access to all of the platform's functionality, including the ability to add and delete users, assign roles, and manage the legal entity.

There are three standard roles in the Lano platform: admin, manager, and finance.

Admins have full access to the platform and are responsible for managing the account and assigning roles to other users. Managers have access to hire and manage employees, while finance users are able to access and view invoices. These roles cannot be customised and are assigned by the company's admins.

The account owner is the user who originally set up the Lano account and cannot be deleted. However, other users can be added to the account as admin users, allowing them to access and manage the account going forward.

How to add a new user

To add a new user, go to:

1 - Go to users

2 - Select Invite user

3 - Fill in the relevant information and press send invite.

Please provide the user's first and last name, work email, and assign their role. The invited user will receive an invitation to log in to the account, and according to their role, they will have access to the appropriate features and functions.-

Roles & Permissions

Each company user can be set as either Admin, manager or Finance.

Admin role has full set of permissions across all the entities, while permissions of Manager and Finance roles are only applicable for items that belong too entities they have access to.

Please see below a breakdown of the permissions granted to each role.


  • View Settings

  • View My company page

  • View Hiring page

  • View team member page

  • View team member profile

  • View invoice page

  • Invoicing Emails

  • Download & View invoices

  • See Payroll changes


  • All of the above except Invoicing Emails.

  • Add hire

  • View & Process hiring flow

  • Enter cost calculator

  • Download attachments from employee profile

  • Request termination

  • Add/Edit/Delete Payroll Changes

  • Receive Reminder of payroll changes email

  • Receive summary of payroll changes email


  • All of the above

  • Company registration

  • Add / Remove / Edit company user

  • My company - Change settings

  • Invoicing Emails

If you have any questions please reach out to your Platform Experience Manager, who will be happy to help!

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