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Using dashboards on Home (Contractor)

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Access all relevant information for working with your clients on your home screen

The dashboard will give you more visibility into your activity on Lano. Through our dynamic dashboard, you will be able to access and analyse your revenues, track the progress of your invoices, and get an overview of your activity stream and new tasks requests. This will help you better plan your to-dos and complete pending tasks, making your workflow more efficient.

Elements of the dashboard

By selecting Home from your menu, you will be able to access your interactive dashboards and get more insights into its 6 elements: to be invoiced, income, invoices, activity stream, new requests, and latest comments.

1. To be invoiced

Once your client has approved a task or you created a timesheet, these amounts will be displayed here to be invoiced. Start the invoicing process by clicking on Add invoice.

2. Income

A real-time graph shows your income over a set time which is calculated based on your completed invoices. You can choose if you want to see the current or last month, the last 30 or 90 days, or last year.

3. Invoices

Your dashboard also displays the status of your invoices, so you can always keep track of your payments. Grey part of the bar corresponds to the invoices in status In draft, yellow - Submitted, green - Approved and purple - Paid.

4. Activity Stream

This is where we notify you about new tasks or requested documents. You can also quickly jump to an overview of all your notifications from here.

5. New requests

This tile shows you new requests for tasks and projects. By clicking on Details, you can jump to an overview of the specific task.

6. Latest comments

Clients can leave comments on projects, tasks, or invoices. This is where you can see the latest comments. Additionally, all comments are archived in your notifications.

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