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Payroll Changes - The Basics

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What is a Payroll Change?

A Payroll Change is any adjustment made to the workers salary or benefits. They can be one-off changes or more permanent, in the form of a contractual change.

In this article we will look at the Lano's process as well as the types of Payroll Changes you can submit.

Lano and Payroll Changes

Towards the end of the month Lano will send you a reminder (see the image below) to submit any changes which should be considered. It's vital that these Payroll Changes are reported to Lano via the Lano Platform before the 5th - 9 CET each month.

Please note: The cut-off date can vary due to public holidays, however, you will be notified of this in advance.

To learn how to submit Payroll Changes, please visit our article: Reporting changes in Payroll for EOR employees

Types of Payroll Changes

Below, you will find a brief description of each Payroll Change type.

  • Monthly Salary: Select this if you want to increase the salary of your employee. Please note this change will be also reflected in the employment contract.

IMPORTANT: Submitting the Salary increase via the Lano Platform is the first step, however, it's important to note further action will be required. The partner needs to amend the existing contract, obtain your approval, and request the employee signature. All documents need to be signed by the 5th of the month to guarantee the change(s) can be included in the next payroll with no delay.
For any guidance or questions, please reach out to your Platform Experience Manager.

  • Bonus: Select this if you want to add a bonus to your employee's salary.

  • Overtime: Select this if your employee has worked more than the usual hours during the last month and you wish to compensate them for this.

  • Allowances: Employers can offer various kinds of additional benefits in monetary terms to their employees over the basic salary. These salary allowances are given to meet the expenditure of particular nature. Please note that most allowances are also taxable.

  • Expenses: Employees might have to pay for things on behalf of the company and they will request reimbursement for this. This ranges from travel-related expenses and client luncheons to office supplies or tech devices. Please note that all expenses require supporting documentation (receipts, booking confirmations, vouchers, etc) in order to be submitted. If you have more than one document, please compressed them into a ZIP file. (Please note: If no supporting documents are provided, we may treat this as an allowance, which will become taxable)
    Depending on the local partner we are working with, expenses might be invoiced separately from the payroll invoices.

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