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Build your global dream team

Watch our webinar for a fresh take on how to successfully expand your business and work with the best talent from all over the world.

Let’s unlock global growth together

In an increasingly global world, organizations have no choice but to embrace international business expansion if they want to stay competitive. Working with a globally distributed team is now the new norm. Start building your global team today! Here's everything to keep in mind when preparing for international expansion.

Learn how to:

Compliantly work with the best talent from all over the world

Launch new markets at high speed and low risk

Manage international payments in multiple currencies

Successfully build and manage a globally distributed team

About our experts

Paul Arnesen

CEO & Founder of Talentroo

Paul is the founder of, a recruiting agency which connects businesses with remote professionals, freelancers and other global talents. He will talk about the challenges and solutions for companies that want to grow and recruit globally. 

Aurel Albrecht

Founder of Lano

The complexities and expenses associated with global payroll and cross-border payments are key challenges for many fast growing companies. Lano’s founder Aurel will show us how to overcome these challenges.

Sarah Hawley

CEO & Founder of Growmotely

Sarah is the founder of Growmotely, a platform that brings companies and professionals together across the world. Leading a fully remote company herself, Sarah will provide first-hand insights on how to successfully manage distributed teams. 

Philip Romm

Founder of Elite HR

Our moderator knows that the new workplace is quickly changing and old ways of operating are no longer practical. Founder of EliteHR Solutions, Phil has spent his entire career creating and executing HR strategies with far-reaching business implications. 

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