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Best-in-class benefits for global teams

Watch our webinar recording and get insights from our experts on how to attract and retain top talent by offering the right benefits package.

Start re-thinking your benefits package today!

Work environments have changed in the past years, and the pandemic has done a fair bit to kickstart a new remote work movement. Today, employer’s have to re-think their benefit packages to match the new needs of employees. Join us in our panel discussion to discover benefits that are both locally relevant and globally competitive.

Learn how to:

Develop an equitable global benefits program

Ensure local compliance with local benefits

Offer the best mental health support for your team

Guarantee the best insurance for remote workers

Identify which benefits really matter for your employees

About our experts

Lona Alia

Head of Revenue, SafetyWing

Lona is a remote work advocate and an expert in building remote teams. She is a passionate Startups advisor, and EU for innovation. She will bring her expertise on how insurance works for digital nomads, and how companies can support their employees to work from anywhere in the world.

Eva Elisa

Head of Psychology, Nilo health

Long time psychologist and therapist, Eva now is the Head of Psychology at Her mission is to empower organizations to embed mental health into their work culture. In her daily work, Eva combines approaches from organizational psychology, the New Work approach and psychotherapy.

Sariah Lutkin

Commercial Director, GoGlobal

Sariah has over ten years experience in helping businesses building global teams quickly, cost-effectively and compliantly. She will share with us her knowledge on how to navigate local compliance, offer employee benefits that are locally relevant and globally competitive, and how to deal with different cultural environments.

Andrea Carlon

Business Development Director Lano, Moderator

Andrea’s passion is to connect the dots for people and businesses. As Lano’s Business Development Director she actively pursues partnerships with innovative solutions for remote workers and companies, including Employer of Record, global payroll and compliance.

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