📢 Introducing Lano 2.0!Global Employment just got a whole lot easier

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📢 Introducing Lano 2.0!
Global Employment just got a whole lot easier

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A hiring and payroll platform to scale a global team

Watch our founder Aurel Albrecht present Lano at the HRcoreLAB Summit on March 15, 2022, and learn how Lano is helping recruiting company Cerecaptio accelerate their growth.

Build the best team on the planet

Hiring and paying a global team is expensive and complex. With Lano's global software solution businesses can easily hire and pay full-time employees and contractors in over 150 countries worldwide, in full compliance and record-time.

Learn how to:

Quickly hire employees abroad without entities

Compliantly hire and pay contractors across the globe

Efficiently run and setup payroll in new and existing markets

Successfully scale a globally distributed team

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