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NGS Global delivers partner-led executive search and leadership advisory services worldwide.

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25-30% of the candidates annual salary.

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Global Executive Search

Supported Languages

German, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese

Supported Regions

1. Canada 2. Mexico 3. Brazil 4.Spain 5. China

Trusted by

OSF Digital, Vinci Groupe, MSG

About NGS Global

With offices across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, NGS Global provides the extensive resources of major global executive search firms along with high-touch service, accelerated completion cycles and superior candidate access made possible by a mid-sized platform without external shareholders. Through their  commitment to industry expertise, cultural knowledge and partner-led search execution, NGS Global delivers exceptional value to their clients.

Service information

  • Company HQ: United States

  • Industry specialization: Technology, life sciences, consumer, manufacturing, construction

  • Seniority of roles covered: Senior level roles

  • Pricing: Retainer based: 25 to 30% of the candidates annual salary. Pricing depends on the market.

Why choose NGS Global as your recruitment agency?

  • Partner-led search execution: At NGS Global, the partners who sell a search execute on the work. 

  • Performance based retainer: NGS Global is the first global search firm to tie performance into their fee structure. 

  • Customer research of every project: NGS Global is committed to conducting fresh, custom research for every project. 

  • Maximum candidate access:  NGS Global conducts approximately 600 searches globally per year.

Partner Quote

“We felt aligned from the beginning with the members that we knew from Lano´s team. They have provided excellent service and solutions for us in different markets such as Canada, Mexico and APAC.”

Jose Hassan Suarez, Partner at NGS Global

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