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Fledge provides talent acquisition strategies healthier for everyone - employees and employers, by offering consulting, tooling and sourcing services.

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19% of candidates annual salary.

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Supported Languages

English, French

Supported Regions

1. France 2. Spain 3. Germany 4. Switzerland 5. Poland 6. Hungary 7. UK and Ireland

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Available upon request

About Fledge

Fledge drives business growth with talent acquisition strategies healthier for everyone - employees and employers, by offering ,consulting, tooling and sourcing services. Reach out to Fledge when you are getting prepared to scale and Fledge will design for you tailor made Talent acquisition processes, introduce you to the best-in-class tools, all at a better rate thanks to partnerships.

Service information

  • Company HQ: France, with team across EU

  • Industry specialization: Leaderships positions, Human Resources & People positions (Recruiters, HR, Chief of staff, Head of People)

  • Seniority of roles covered: Senior only

  • Pricing: Success based: 19% of the candidates annual salary.

Why choose Fledge as your recruitment agency?

  • Fledge are not "just" recruiters, they define themselves as Talent Acquisition Partners, which provides a holistic approach to talent acquisition

Partner Quote

"I used to be part of the Lano team before becoming independant and launching Fledge, a modern Talent acquisition company.
I am now, proudly, leading a company serving several early stage tech companies, across Europe and happily partnering with Lano's team for a more holistic and human centric approach to our common client success."

Julien Entresangle, Founder of Fledge

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