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42matches is a full-service agency within Tech Recruiting - focused on finding the globally best tech people and matching them with the coolest tech companies worldwide.

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25% - 27% of the candidates annual salary.

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Tech talent in the EU

Supported Languages

German, English

Supported Regions

1. Turkey, 2. Ukraine, 3. Iran, 4. Russia, 5. Egypt

Trusted by

Check24, Sum Up, Bosch

About 42 Matches

42matches was brought to life to provide an end-to-end solution to the recruiting problem – instead of just throwing resumes over the fence. They are service providers at heart and take pride in lowering your workload and shortening your hiring process.

Obsessed with finding the perfect match between top tech talent and aspiring European startups and companies, 42 Matches decodes aspirations and values of both sides, matching not only candidate skills, but also their purpose.

In-depth tech industry knowledge, and a wide network paired with our experience, ensures that 42 Matches can answer all your tech recruiting needs. With our team located across Europe they do the sourcing locally and personally.

Service information

  • Company HQ: Berlin, Germany

  • Industry specialization: Tech, Data, AI

  • Seniority of roles covered: Mid to senior level roles

  • Pricing: Success based, with a retained fee: 25% - 27% of the candidates annual salary. Pricing depends on the market.

Why choose 42 Matches as your recruitment agency?

  • 42 Matches doesn’t send high volumes of CVs, but focuses only on making real matches.

  • It's a fully personalized service, which ensures that every candidate is screened by their recruitment team at least 2-3 times before introducing them to the client.

  • Talent coaching, tech assessments and integrations services are offered as part of their standard service.

Partner Quote

“The partnership with Lano is a perfect win-win for all parties. It not only helps us to enlarge our business model with highly professional EOR services, but is a common ground for joint growth within the industry.”

Moritz Dreup, Founder of 42 Matches

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📢 Introducing Lano 2.0!Global Employment just got a whole lot easier

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📢 Introducing Lano 2.0!
Global Employment just got a whole lot easier

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