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Talentroo is a European-based mass recruitment recruitment agency that specialises in remote talent search and headhunting for sales, marketing and HR roles.

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Supported Regions

1. Norway 2. Italy 3. Portugal 4. France 5. UK

Trusted by

Evolution, MedicoLink, Spryker

About Talentroo

Talentroo is a recruitment agency based in the EU, specialised in finding hard-to-find European talents for your remote, ex-pat or relocation positions. Talentroo partners with clients worldwide to help them grow their businesses with unique workforce capabilities based in or from Europe.

Service information

  • Company HQ: Milan, Italy

  • Industry specialization: Sales, marketing and human resources

  • Seniority of roles covered: Junior, mid and senior management roles

  • Pricing: 20% Retained fees starting at €2000

Why choose Talentroo as your recruitment agency?

  • Mass recruitment

  • Strong Expertise in the EU

  • Capabilities to find unique talent with marketing-based recruitment approach

  • Talentroo is a culture-first recruitment agency. They match and prepare your next employee with your business culture.

Partner Quote

"We only partner with companies where we share the same values. As we are a culture-first, remote recruitment agency, Lano checks all the boxes to be a valuable partner. They are a great remote company, employ talents from across the globe, and have built a genuinely great multicultural organisation. In addition, their EOR services are the best suited for our clients looking to hire from within Europe."

Paul Arnesen, CEO at Talentroo

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