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Kandidate is an embedded sourcing partner that works as an extension of your existing talent team

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Special offer

Lano clients get €1000 discount to Kandidates services.

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Embedded Sourcing Partner

Supported Languages

German, English

Supported Regions

1. United Kingdom 2. United States 3. Germany 4. Netherlands 5. Portugal

Trusted by

Message bird , Kairos Aerospace, Ballys Interactive

About Kandidate

Kandidate enables talent teams at scale-ups, hire fast. By embedding sourcing and talent partners into your internal talent function, Kandidate helps their clients to ramp up the hiring whilst significantly reducing traditional recruitment agency fees.

Service information

  • Company HQ: London, UK

  • Industry specialization: Software tech (all subcategories)

  • Seniority of roles covered: Junior, mid and senior level roles

  • Pricing: Quote / retainer based. Lano clients get €1000 discount to Kandidates services.

Why choose Kandidate as your recruitment agency?

  • Kandidate sourcers are the best in the world, having been trained by Alla Pavlova and Vanessa Raath - two of the top coaches in the industry. 

  • Kandidate sourcers build deep pipelines of qualified candidates, resulting in more screening calls, interviews, and closed roles - all whilst significantly reducing agency fees, without sacrificing quality.

Partner Quote

“We partnered with Lano as they are solving a very real problem for so many growing businesses, and saw huge synergies between their global employment solutions, and our in-house, embedded Sourcing and Talent Partners.”

George Lamburn, Head of Marketing

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✨ NEW: Have multiple entities? Manage payroll for every country in one place

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