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About Kosy Office

Kosy is a virtual space that helps remote teams to collaborate and communicate under one digital roof. By bringing teammates and tools together for specific projects, sprints or recurring meetings, team leaders can ensure higher levels of engagement and team-work. Kosy offers a unique tool that is loved by agencies, startups, product, customer success and development teams.

What benefits does Kosy Office provide to Lano Customers

Lano customers get 20% off Kosy annual and monthly plans when signing up to Kosy via our partnership.

Kosy provides the following benefits:

  1. Engaging internal meetings

  2. Feeling like you're in the same room with your team

  3. Customized virtual space to reflect your brand

To learn more about working with Kosy and Lano, reach out to your Account Manager.

Why work with Kosy Office?

Kosy offers businesses to build a virtual HQ which can be accessed by their team no matter where they are and host a variety of online sessions, from interactive brainstorming to game nights. Kosy is the best place to host internal team meetings.

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