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#31 - The biggest trends and developments in the human resource space





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I think it should be more about flexibility, accepting every person as how they are and trying to include that in a company, rather than having those very strict structures.

Marketing Lead at kiwiHR

Sabrina Fiorin

About Sabrina

Sabrina Fiorin is the marketing lead at kiwiHR. KiwiHR is a German HR software that helps small and medium sized businesses to digitise their HR processes. Sabrina is very passionate about topics such as new work, leadership and organisational development, and frequently writes about the newest HR trends on the kiwiHR blog. She is also a certified profile dynamics consultant. 

Trends and developments in the human resource space

Not only employees and businesses had to adapt to the new state of work that the pandemic has brought on. HR software providers also had to take a step back and see what really matters to their customers in a new working environment. 

Sabrina Fiorin from German HR software company kiwiHR explained how they go about implementing new features to their product, and how important it is for them to have an active exchange with their clients about what would make their life’s easier.

Sabrina also shared some inside scoops about the unique challenges companies are facing today, and gave her thoughts on what the biggest trends and developments are in the human resource space. 




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