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#11 - Demystifying Remote Work: Compliance for the new normal





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Work from anywhere is legally impossible.

Lawyer and Founder of All Remotely

Bhagyashree Pancholy

About Bhagyashree

Bhagyashree is the founder of All Remotely – an assessment series that helps teams transition to remote or hybrid in a safe, efficient and compliant manner. As a lawyer and a remote work consultant, she has helped many businesses expand internationally by helping them navigate employment laws and compliance. Her work has been published in several leading publications including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Personnel Today and more.

Demystifying Remote Work: Compliance for the new normal

What does it mean to ‘work from anywhere’? If you think about your typical digital nomad, freelancer or remote worker, you may picture an aspirational lifestyle of Insta-worthy poolside working and jet setting from location to location. But worker classification and where you physically do your work from matters and comes with litigious complexities, compliance and migration challenges for both for the business and for the individual.

Since the global pandemic accelerated remote working, many multinational companies’ remote work policies hyped ‘work from anywhere’ in their recruitment marketing campaigns. It generated a ton of positive PR which in turn boosted brand awareness but it also raised serious questions about worker classification, residency obligations, localised salaries, tax treaties, and ergonomic remote office setup liabilities. What did this mean for this new world of work?

Maddie is joined by experienced employment lawyer and remote work consultant Bhagyashree Pancholy, who has been consulting to all-remote companies since 2012. Maddie and Bhagyashree take a deep dive into what is and what isn’t remote work (and why words matter), as well as the broader compliance risks businesses face when building and managing remote teams.


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