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#45 - How to digitize the recruitment process





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I think the biggest trend that we've seen in the last 18 months has been around automation.

Matt Alder

Talent Acquisition Futurist

About Matt

Matt Alder is a strategic consultant focusing on all aspects of HR technology, recruitment marketing and employer branding. He is a  globally recognised talent acquisition thought leader and a regular commentator on the future of work. Matt is the host of the popular Recruiting Future Podcast and is a co-author of the books "Exceptional Talent” and “Digital Talent".

How to digitize the recruitment process

Matt Alder is a talent acquisition and innovation consultant, the host of the recruiting future podcast and author of 2 books on how to recruit the right talent. So who better to talk with about digitising the recruitment process?

Matt shares some actionable steps you can take to set up a digital recruitment strategy and shares his thoughts on what the current technology trends are in the space.

We also discuss the importance of using different digital channels such as social media or career pages to support the hiring process, and take a look at the future developments that are likely to shape the digital hiring process.




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