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#29 - How a tech recruiting platform boosts employee satisfaction, productivity and retention





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Founder & Managing Partner at 42matches

Moritz Drerup

About Moritz

Before founding 42matches, Moritz worked for the international tech companies PayPal and Netrada/Arvato where he fulfilled various commercial positions. Prior to that he started his career at IBM Strategy & Change Consulting. Moritz pursued his academic studies in management in Maastricht, the Netherlands as well as Madrid, Spain and holds a degree as a certified Business Coach. 

How a tech recruiting platform boosts employee satisfaction, productivity and retention

Successful recruitment has a positive influence on employee satisfaction, productivity and retention. But with the global pandemic disrupting many traditional in-person recruitment events, and so recruiters and hiring managers are embracing bespoke service providers to help them recruit for more complex positions, especially those that now require a unique remote-work skillset. 

For candidates, the once upwardly mobile are seeking more remote positions, with many companies and agencies now conducting the entire recruitment and onboarding process online.

Joining Maddie on this episode of The State Of Work is Moritz Drerup, the co-founder and managing partner of 42matches, a Berlin-based tech recruitment platform that matches global talent with European startups. Listen to Moritz and Maddie as they discuss the current and future states of recruitment and why it’s so important to build and hire based on a culture of trust.


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