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#38 - How to build and manage successful remote-first companies





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It doesn't matter if they are remote or hybrid, or in office - if they are not digitized, they're out.

Founder & CEO at Factorial HR

Bernat Farrero

I think it's even more important for those people that join a company remotely that they feel well taken care of.

Founder & CEO at Lano

Aurel Albrecht

About Aurel

Aurel Albrecht is the co-founder and CEO of Lano, a cloud-based compliance and payments platform designed for building and scaling global companies. Prior to Lano, Aurel worked as a CFO for the cloud provider ProfitBricks which was acquired by United Internet. Aurel previously worked in the Technology Investment Banking Division at Morgan Stanley in London. He started his career with Rocket Internet. Aurel is from Germany and holds an MBA from IE Business School

About Bernat

Bernat is an engineer and entrepreneur, as well as the founder and CEO of several companies, including Itnig, Camaloon, Quipu - and Factorial HR. He enjoys building and growing amazing products and services almost as much as sharing the experience and learnings he gathers along the way. You can find him at Itnig Podcast or pitch him ideas directly at Itnig Fund.

How to build and manage successful remote-first companies

What is better than one founder? That’s right, 2 founders! Today, we are talking with Bernat Farrero, founder of Factorial HR, as well as our very own Aurel Albrecht, founder of Lano.

Both companies have a hybrid approach, meaning that they have employees working in the office as well as remotely. That is not always easy, and the two of them share how they manage their day to day business life and give some great advice on how to create a smooth transition from in-office to remote.

This episode is for everyone who wants to know more about founding a hybrid or global first company, or who simply wants to get some insight scoop on how to manage a hybrid and remote business.


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