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#33 - The great attrition: How to retain top talent





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I see a lot of pressure right now for the middle management. Because it's not easy to be in every battle, and also to maintain the team. And I think the challenge is to become more human, to be more human in business.

Business Unit Director at Catenon

Martin J. Beck

About Martin

Martin J. Beck has a Degree in Economics from the University of Potsdam (Germany) and a Master in HR Management. He has been working within HR since 2008, initially in the area of development and career coaching, then in the area of selection and headhunting.

Martin is specialized in the German, Spanish and European job market. Today Martin is BU Director at Catenon. He is native in German and is fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan and French. Martin lives between Barcelona and Nürnberg-München.

The great attrition: How to retain top talent

Martin is a people person, you can tell that right away when you start talking to him - which is why he has found his way into HR as the business unit director of Catenon, a multinational data-driven recruitment service. 

He joined our host Sandra from their office in Barcelona, where he lives, to talk about a phenomenon that has affected businesses all over the world: the great attrition. He explains what great attrition means and what companies can do to keep their top talent. 

Martin is very passionate about creating a sense of belonging and bringing back a more human approach to managing people, and hopefully we can pick his brain on this important topic some more in the future.


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