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#39 - Direct hiring vs. agency - What is the better option for my company?





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I think all companies will say they've got a target of 100% direct hiring. If they say they've done it, they're lying, because it's impossible.

Director of Talent at Currencycloud

Adam Bolton

About Adam

Adam comes from a Tech recruitment background and is currently Director of Talent at Currencycloud where he is responsible for global hiring.  In the last few years, he has built the Talent function at Currencycloud and has overseen almost 500 hires in various parts of the organization (Compliance, Operations, Sales, Tech, etc).  Currencycloud was acquired by Visa in late 2021 and Adam is excited for what the future holds.

Direct hiring vs. agency - What is the better option for my company?

In this episode, we have 17 years of recruiting experience coming right at you in the form of Adam Bolton, Director of Talent at Currencycloud.

Adam joins from his lovely home office in Ireland to talk all things recruiting - from first building a team around him, to switching their interview process during Covid, to following a direct hiring approach in their talent strategy.

He also shares how important knowing the culture of a company is for a successful hiring process, and shares some funny anecdotes about interviews gone wrong, including his own unfortunate experience with a pinstriped suit and a bubblegum on a train. Listen on for the whole story.




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