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WebWork is an all-in-one platform for remote work management through time tracking, project management, and communication.

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About WebWork

WebWork is a time-tracking, project-management, and communication platform designed for remote teams especially. It enables teams to collaborate in one place, monitor the overall time usage of the team, and helps improve productivity.

What benefits does WebWork provide to Lano Customers

Lano clients receive 30% discount to all WebWork features for 12 months when signing up to WebWork services via our partnership.

WebWork provides the following benefits:

Time tracking - Get complete transparency into your team’s work process with WebWork - a time tracker with screenshots. See a project’s progress from start to finish and stay on track.

Project management - WebWork is an all-in-one Project Management and Time Tracking solution to organize, execute and monitor an entire project from start to finish. Designed for teams and businesses of all sizes, its project management system is flexible and simple to use for anyone. It saves you time and helps you generate consistent results.

Communication - While doing the work on WebWork, you and your team can also communicate on WebWork. Discuss the work you do, collaborate faster or just chat informally. On Team Chat you can create channels for different discussions and groups of people, or you can chat with a coworker. To make it easier to stay on the same track, you can share files and attachments.

Productivity monitoring - See how productive you or your team are based on time spent on work. WebWork measures productivity based on the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes. It also monitors your use of apps and websites and classifies them into predefined productivity groups.

To learn more about working with WebWork and Lano, reach out to your Account Manager.

Why choose WebWork?

Everything you need to create a high performance culture:

  • Competitive price for all features

  • 24/7 Support

  • Integrations

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