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#3 - Attracting and recruiting talent during a global pandemic





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We’ve seen an incredible uplift in terms of performance—not that we weren’t performing before, we were—but we’re now performing even better.

Global Head of Talent Acquisition at ResearchGate

Claire McNamara

About Claire

Currently engaged as the Head of Talent Acquisition at ResearchGate, Claire has almost 20 years experience in the recruitment world, across multiple geographies and specialisms. During this time she has worked in a large agency, a boutique firm and in-house, in addition to managing her own recruiting brand for a number of years. An advocate of candidate experience and expectation management, transparency of communication and rigorous internal processes, outside of work she enjoys travel, gin and watching others cook. She lives in Berlin with her partner and their very poorly trained Jack Russell.

Attracting and recruiting talent during a global pandemic

ResearchGate is a social networking platform for scientists and researchers with over 19 million users. With a leadership team that includes two virologists, ResearchGate sprang into action fast to shift their team of 175+ employees to a fully remote work setup, one that continues to this day.

ResearchGate focuses on open-source science and its main goal is to break down publishing barriers within the scientific world. Founded in 2008, ResearchGate source and recruit talent from all over the world—both those who want to live and work not just in Germany—but in Berlin itself where ResearchGate has its headquarters. With a vibrant urban location no longer its main drawcard for applicants, recruiters are having to change their sourcing strategy, not just in how they attract their talent but in meeting the demand for remote-first policies all while keeping expectations, operational and compliance processes in check. 

As a senior recruiter with 20 years experience, Clare McNamara joins host Maddie Duke and shares her insights on the sudden shift to remote work, recruiting remotely, compliance challenges, navigating the psychological shift for employees as well as the complexities of talent relocation during border closures, travel restrictions and a continuing global pandemic.  




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