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#46 - How to build and grow a company during a global pandemic





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I think the core point for me is conviction, if you build on a hypothesis that you really believe in, then you shouldn't abandon it.

Hanna Asmussen

Co-founder & CEO of Localyze

About Hanna

Hanna Asmussen is the CEO & Co-Founder of Localyze, a global mobility platform for companies and employees. With a passion for living abroad, having been an expat for 10 years and speaking 6 languages, Hanna co-founded Localyze after seeing the pain points associated with moving internationally for work. With a mission to build a borderless world, Localyze recently closed a $35 million Series B round and is expanding into the US.

How to grow a company during a global pandemic

The last couple of years have been tough for many companies. The global pandemic has caused a recession and these uncertain times meant that many businesses had to have huge layoffs.

But not Localyze. And in this episode, we are speaking with co-founder and CEO Hanna Marie Asmussen about how she managed to build and grow her business over the past couple of years.

We are getting candid and ask her if she had any difficulties finding investors, if she is scared of failing and if in her opinion, it is more challenging for female founders to succeed. 




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