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#30 - How to establish good leadership in remote work environments





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I don't find it challenging, I find it way better. I feel like this was my secret weapon. You know, as soon as I discovered remote work, and this idea of empowering and freeing myself and my people and trusting everyone, it's been nothing but goodness, there's really not a downside, in my perspective.

Founder & CEO at Growmotely

Sarah Hawley

About Sarah

Sarah Hawley is the CEO and Founder of Growmotely, the world's first end-to-end platform that facilitates conscious companies in hiring equally-conscious remote professionals - of all nationalities - into long-term remote jobs. Driven by her passion for the freedom that remote work provides professionals and companies alike, she is trailblazing the space - as a thought leader and creator - where remote work, conscious leadership, and personal and professional growth intersect. Shoestring recognized her as one of the Top Female Entrepreneurs under 40; before Growmotely, she started and successfully sold multiple companies for seven-figure sums. Mother to 1-year-old Luka, and author of the book 'Conscious Leadership: a Journey from Ego to Heart', Sarah is revolutionizing the world of work.

How to establish good leadership in remote work environments

Remote work has become a new normal for many companies and employees alike. Especially with the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers started exploring new ways of working with their team, and we have seen an incredible uptake in remote work positions. 

Sarah Hawley has been an advocate of remote work for many years, and has founded the world’s first ever remote work marketplace with Growmotely in 2020. She is incredibly passionate about the freedom and the opportunities remote work brings about. 

In her chat with host Sandra, she talks about what drives her to do the work she does, how she managed the transition from an in-office company to a fully remote business, and how establishing open and transparent communication has helped her and her team to build an amazing company culture and spirit. 


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