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How Lano helped Myota hire engineers in record time

Myota is a health-tech start-up creating precision fibre mixes to treat and prevent chronic disease, alongside a digital health service to provide ongoing support and long-term management.

Founded in May 2020, Myota specifically helps people with chronic gut issues, like UBD or IBS, and is aiming to create products for all sorts of chronic diseases in the future. Therefore, Myota is currently growing its team, which causes some challenges.




As it was the first time for us hiring remotely, and we were operating on a short deadline, it was great to have that kind of support.

Thomas Gurry

Founder & CEO at Myota

The Challenge

Navigating compliance when hiring abroad

With offices in London and Geneva, Myota couldn’t find the right candidates in England or Switzerland when searching for additional developers. Instead they found that Estonia had the right talent pool for them. With not having an entity in Estonia and not knowing anything about local employment laws and regulation, Myota wasn’t sure if hiring abroad would be the right option for them. But since the candidates seemed to be exactly the right fit, they decided to look for a trusted partner who helps them navigate compliance challenges when recruiting a new team member abroad.

The Solution

Fast and compliant hiring with Lano’s Employer of Record network

When searching for a partner to help hire a developer in Estonia, Myota had one crucial requirement: It had to be done fast! Lano’s Employer of Record service offered them not only the option to hire remotely but also to meet their very tight deadline. Within a couple of hours of reaching out, Lano was able to present an offer to Myota. After discussing all employment and contract details for their new team member, the hiring process could be started. In less than two weeks their new engineer was completely onboarded and ready to work.

The Results

Full focus on business growth, without worrying about compliance. Since collaborating with Lano, Myota has access to a truly global talent pool and can hire full-time employees in more than 160 countries without having to worry about local laws, employment regulations, complex tax systems or international payroll.


Hire and onboard new team members in less than two weeks.


Collaborate with the best talent anywhere in the world.


Local knowledge about compliance, taxes and payroll.

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