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99Hunters is a global network of headhunters that boosts the attraction power of talent-seeking companies.

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1 month of candidates salary, with a starting fee of $1000

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Generalist recruiter for LATAM

Supported Languages

English, Spanish, Portuguese

Supported Regions

1. Brazil 2. Portugal 3. Mexico 4. Spain 5. USA

Trusted by

Vivo (Telefonica), GPA (Casino Group), Neon Bank

About 99Hunters

99Hunters is a global headhunting marketplace that connects you to a local recruiter who actively sources suitable candidates for your job opening.

99hunters boost the attraction power of talent-seeking companies through the largest global network of headhunters. No matter where your candidate is, “hunting” recruiters will find them. Faster, smarter and cheaper.

Service information

  • Company HQ: San Paulo, Brazil

  • Industry specialization: Tech, financial services , energy , consumer goods 

  • Seniority of roles covered: Mid and senior level roles

  • Pricing: Success and retainer based: 1 month of candidates salary, with a starting fee of $1000

Why choose 99Hunters as your recruitment agency?

Through their unique headhunter marketplace, 99Hunters connect up to 7 recruiters to each process. With this unique outbound recruiting solution clients are able to find the right candidate, with the exact profile for the job, even if they're not actively looking for a new challenge.

Partner Quote

“Like Lano, 99Hunters exists so we can increase the possibility of people and companies to work together around the world.”


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