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About NextRetreat

NextRetreat is a revolutionary solution for seamless team travel planning. NextRetreat platform helps teams research and select the most convenient travel destination, find and book the best venue or even design a comprehensive travel schedule for remote teams with the help of retreat specialists.

Intuitively built for team travel organizers and company decision-makers alike, NextRetreat offers easy team trip planning and expert human-centered customer support all in one place.

Team-ready venues speed up the research, organizing everything from one place simplifies the process and saves time and money, and bringing your team into a nearby location unlocks more time for work and play.

What benefits does NextRetreat provide to Lano Customers

Lano customers get 21% off the concierge plan when signing up to NextRetreat services via our partnership.

NextRetreat provides the following benefits:

1. Suitable for different types of team travel

2. Smart app for planning team trips

3. Concierge travel planning services

To learn more about working with NextRetreat and Lano, reach out to your Account Manager.

Why work with NextRetreat?

NextRetreat is a unique platform that helps people managers to save 100+ hours on research, bookings and further planning,  to focus on what truly matters - their people, rather than the admin. 

NextRetreat is designed for teams and team travel organisers. Before NextRetreat, organising work trips, company outings or team building retreats involved hours of resource and effort trawling Google and travel sites.

What is Concierge? 

Concierge is a personalised service for teams with a minimum of 20 members that don’t have the time or human resources for self-organisation. Let us take care of your specific preferences and do the groundwork for you.

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