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N26, WeFox, SAP, Pleo

About Mula

Mula is a B2B merchandise platform that helps employers to design, produce, store and fulfill branded goods such as onboarding kits, team swag, and many more. Clients have access to a software platform to streamline all merchandise activities, including API integrations into external tools.

What benefits does Mula provide to Lano Customers

Lano customers can get access to special pricing plans when signing up to Mula via our partnership.

Mula provides the following benefits:

  1. API integration 

  2. Customized merchandise

  3. Storage solutions

To learn more about working with Mula and Lano, reach out to your Account Manager.

Why work with Mula Office?

Mula helps companies boost their corporate identity and brand awareness with the best high-end products.

By providing a highly scalable software suite, Mula helps companies manage all of your merchandising activity, including the distribution process to employees or customers. It’s Mulas goal to provide solutions to companies worldwide in order to streamline their processes around corporate merchandise.

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