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How Lano helps Zuumeo to scale a network of 200+ contractors

Zuumeo is one of the leading content providers in Germany. Customers like Zalando, About You or Galeria Kaufhof trust in the quality of Zuumeo's services – whether product photography, video production or writing of high-quality texts.

In order to be able to write fast and produce high quality content, Zuumeo has established a strong network of contractors and freelancers. A smooth and scalable management of all external workers is decisive for the success of the company.




Lano has revolutionized the way we work with our contractors. The platform is exceptionally intuitive and easy to use – both for our employees and contractors.

Marcel Relitz

Unit Manager at Zuumeo

The Challenge

Fast hiring and smooth contractor payments

Contractors and freelancers are indispensable for Zuumeo’s daily production operations. But managing a constantly growing pool of external specialists has taken up countless hours every week.

The organization of contacts with Excel spreadsheets was confusing, communication by phone or e-mail time-consuming, invoice processing uncoordinated. The management was looking for a solution to optimize all administrative processes.

Due to the rapidly increasing demand of contractors and freelancers, it is critical for Zuumeo to quickly find suitable talents, carry out compliant onboarding in the shortest possible time, and to pay their team members on time and without errors.

The Solution

Standardized onboarding and automated payments

Lano enables Zuumeo to organize collaboration with contractors and freelancers via a central platform. New team members can be integrated into the existing network in record time thanks to standardized and automated onboarding. A searchable talent pool replaces confusing Excel spreadsheets.

Project managers can quickly find suitable specialists in their Lano talent pool, and assign and brief them directly via Lano. The progress of projects can be tracked transparently and in real-time. Punctual and stress-free invoice approvals and payouts via Lano ensure satisfaction among both contractors and employees.

The Results

With the implementation of Lano, Zuumeo was able to reduce the time and the amount of resources required to manage their network of contractors and freelancers, and thus significantly increase productivity in everyday work.


less time spent for hiring and onboarding


lower error rate for payment transactions


less administrative workload for HR & Finance teams

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