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How Humanitec uses Lano to scale across 4 time zones

With Lano’s Global Employment platform, Humanitec met their growth goals without compliance overheads.

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Because Lano has such a great network of partners, you can do things that other solutions cannot. You offer more flexibility around specific cases that are not typical and Lano can get it done.

Christoph Richter

COO and Co-Founder

About Humanitec

Headquartered in Berlin, Humanitec’s Platform Orchestrator is the engine at the heart of a dynamic IDP. It lets platform teams, from growing startups to enterprises, remove bottlenecks by letting them build golden paths for developers. The company has grown from 20 employees to around 60 in less than a year. 

From the beginning, Humanitec championed remote work and the flexibility that comes along with it. The team is distributed across several countries and time zones. In building a remote-first company, Humanitec had to ensure that they were compliant with regulations while having the flexibility to find the employees that were the best fit. They needed to find a partner that could help them navigate the global employment landscape and scale without having to take the complexities of compliance into their own hands.


Expanding globally without expensive overhead

Humanitec began with a single entity in Germany. When hiring for new positions, they began to receive high quality applications from candidates outside of Germany. The dilemma became whether to reject them based on location alone or to find a way to hire them compliantly. 

Hiring globally quickly becomes complex when legislation and standards for hiring each country must be considered. The team hoped to avoid opening entities too quickly in unproven markets. Thus, Humanitec began evaluating different approaches and chose to take the approach of hiring freelancers on a project basis. This approach ensured that they were able to move quickly and flexibly while they were building their team. The flexibility enabled them to validate that building a remote first company was right for their company at scale.

Once the idea of working with a fully remote and distributed was validated, the team wanted to transition some of their freelancers to full time employees, without opening an entity. It was clear that Humanitec aimed to quickly and compliantly build a global team. Since they had an existing successful relationship with Lano via some of their contractors, Humanitec knew that Lano was the right partner to continue to grow their business.


Managing employment, expenses, and payroll in a single solution

Lano provides Humanitec with an all-in-one tool to manage the various elements of hiring a global team. The processes within Lano are intuitive and seamless and having a single place to streamline processes saves time.

The quote creation flow is very straightforward and Lano is upfront with how much the entire process will cost. The transparency from the beginning helped build trust with Lano; it was clear that they would have a knowledgeable partner when it comes to navigating the complex landscape of hiring globally, remotely.

With the help of Lano, the Humanitec team hired two candidates with the unique specifications that worked well for both parties. By working with local in-country partners, Lano is able to provide an excellent user experience to the clients. These in-country partners are experts in hiring in that country and are able to offer Lano more flexibility to better meet the needs of their clients. Lano adapted to their unique situations and worked to ensure Humanitec’s needs were met in a timely manner and compliantly.

Lano’s platform experience team helped ensure that the onboarding process was simple. Lano offered personalized support for any questions that arose as Humanitec transitioned to the operational side of managing a global team. Simple invoicing flows, the correct reminders, and easy approval processes were key. Expense management for various employees was a breeze. Additional benefits, such as co-working budgets, were easy to add to employee contracts to provide a similar experience to each employee no matter where they are based. With Lano, all of these functionalities were straightforward which helped the team stay organized and provide peace of mind that these processes were handled compliantly.


Streamlining processes to save time & resources with Lano

With Lano, the Humanitec team transitioned 3 employees from being employed on a contract, freelance basis to full time employees via EOR. The team at Lano easily consulted Humanitec and set the right expectations from the beginning, whether it be timeline expectations or the nuances of human resources. Humanitec required some consultation around specific circumstances which Lano was able to accommodate with ease; these cases were not possible to facilitate by other EOR partners at the time.

All of the processes around paying the employees, managing their expenses are done within the Lano platform. This makes it easy to approve additional expenses and have the confidence that this is done compliantly and correctly. Once these expenses are approved by Humanitec, it is simple to pay these employees from Lano. In-app and email reminders as well as regular contact with their dedicated account manager helps ensure that all of these processes run smoothly. As Humanitec continues to grow and when another EOR case arises, Lano will be their go-to choice.

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