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BEAT81 relies on Lano to manage & pay 300+ contractors globally

Using Lano, BEAT81 manages over 300 contractors across Europe and automates payments en-masse with Lano Wallet.

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Less time needed to approve and pay invoices


Lower error rate for payment transactions with Lano


Contractors managed with full local compliance



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With Lano we can manage all our freelancers via one central platform. Especially when paying freelancers, we gain a lot of time which we can invest in the expansion of our company.

Co-Founder & CPO at BEAT81

David Rheinbay

About BEAT81

Founded in Berlin in 2017, BEAT81 is a fitness startup that offers group workouts in combination with heart rate tracking in many European cities. Hundreds of freelance fitness coaches throughout Europe implement the concepts developed by the team in Berlin.


BEAT81 is now also active in Munich, Cologne, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid and London. To meet the goals of their aggressive growth strategy, BEAT81 works closely with hundreds of contractors.


Streamline invoice processing and payments

At dozens of locations in Europe’s metropolises, freelance fitness coaches drive BEAT81 customers to peak performance every day. The management of these freelancers became more complicated as the BEAT81 offering grew. 


Managing hundreds of contacts with confusing Excel spreadsheets was tedious. Processing countless invoices in various forms every day was time-consuming. The implementation of uniform quality standards in the acquisition of new freelance coaches was not always a given.  BEAT81 pushed to meet their growth targets, without risking noncompliant contracts and laborious HR and payment processes; it became clear they needed a solution to easily manage their growing network of freelancers.


Automated international payments at low costs

In the past, many of the BEAT81 processes were manual which were time consuming and not scalable for the future. BEAT81 needed a single solution to optimize all workflows around hiring, managing, and paying freelancers, which they found in Lano.

Lano’s standard, universally compliant freelancer contract templates made it easy to have peace of mind that contracts in new markets are valid. Managing this onboarding could all occur within the Lano platform as well as legally compliant engagement.

With Lano, BEAT81 now manages all invoices centrally in one place. Freelancers can automatically generate and submit invoices, while BEAT81 can approve invoices in a standardized procedure and pay directly via Lano in multiple currencies. The Lano platform takes it one step further by enabling simple payment workflows; freelancers are able to upload any outstanding expenses and ensure that they are paid in a timely, transparent manner.


Cut manual processes to reduce errors & save time

With Lano, BEAT81 no longer relies on manual processes to manage its workforce. BEAT81 can standardize and streamline their operations from a single platform. These new procedures save the team up to 80% of their time each month and significantly reduce the manual workload of the accounting department with an error rate drop off up to 98%.

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