✨ NEW: Have multiple entities? Manage payroll for every country in one place

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✨ NEW: Have multiple entities? Manage payroll for every country in one place

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  • Hire Global Employees
  • Run Global Payroll
  • Manage Contractors
  • Pay Remote Teams

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Unify your payroll infrastructure

Get standardized employee and salary data from all your entities in one platform to better control your global workforce cost.

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Unlocking global growth for 2,000+ companies



All employee and salary data in a single platform

Skip the constant manual back and forth by unifying all employee payroll data within Lano - a single cloud-based platform to start managing payroll on autopilot.

  • Manage multi-country payroll with data visibility across geographies

  • Get standardized payroll data from multiple partners in one platform

  • Gain deeper insights into your global workforce costs

  • Optimize payroll with clean reportings and analytics

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Accurate payroll calculations and feedback every time

With the ability to add and modify structured payroll data within a single platform, you can improve your internal workflows and save hours every month.

  • Add and modify structured salary data from one platform

  • Improve internal workflows to save hours every month

  • Get timely and accurate local information from our partners

  • Increase employee experience with a smooth payroll process

A global network of payroll partners at your fingertips

Want to extend your payroll operations to new countries? We work with a leading global network of partners who are specialists in their fields, with decades of local payroll and compliance expertise.

  • Skip the slow and costly payroll setup when growing

  • Get access to vetted local payroll providers in 170+ countries

  • Ensure your global team gets paid in their local currency

  • Stay compliant with ever-changing laws and regulations


Thanks to the automated and standardized data transfers between our in-country payroll providers and Lano, we're now able to consult and analyze payroll data for all our 8 entities on one single screen.

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payroll data transparency


less time spent on reporting

One platform to run payroll and scale a global team

Lano’s powerful payroll functionalities ensure that you’re focused on scaling your business model, and not drowning under administrative and compliance tasks.

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Multi-Country Payroll

Manage and pay teams globally effortlessly and compliantly with a local network of vetted partners across 170+ countries.

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Global Salary Payments

Pay all employee types in 50+ local currencies without hidden costs or high fees. No compromises.

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API and Integrations

Automate your payroll and finance, enable analytics and instant data transfer to take your workflow to the next level.

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Unlock global growth

Expand into new markets and get payroll up and running in days, not months. We connect you with experienced payroll partners in 150+ countries so you can fully focus on growing your business.


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Payroll Solution

Lano was named as a Representative Vendor in the September 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Multicountry Payroll Solutions. This is a powerful step forward in our mission to build the infrastructure for the future of work.

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More flexibility and freedom for global teams

Payroll for your global team in one platform

Fund payroll for your international team in one click and manage payroll data from all your entities in one place.

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Payroll advice

10 reasons to invest in a global payroll solution

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