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#17 - Success Stories: Sebastian Gellwitzki





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We use Lano as a partner platform and a project management tool, and also for invoicing and for organizing our invoicing.

Global Head of Partner Management at Simpleshow

Sebastian Gellwitzki

About Sebastian

Sebastian Gellwitzki is a manager with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and over 3 years of experience in strategy development, general management and change management. He got his start in the entrepreneurial field and creative industry via video production. After years as a producer and motion designer, he was given the opportunity to lead the production team at simpleshow gmbh. After successfully leading this team, he took over the global freelance talent pool management, successfully laying the foundation for simpleshow’s global roll-out.

Sebastian is the current head of Global Partner Management and is also responsible for production and roll-out for the DACH, UK, and APAC markets.

Sebastian lives and works in Berlin. He is an enthusiastic Kung Fu trainer, produces music, and enjoys various creative activities. His passion for people and his interest in the humanities are a deep driving force in his work

Success Stories: Sebastian Gellwitzki

Welcome back to Success Stories, our new regular feature on The State Of Work. Maddie will be chatting to individuals and their experiences about working in a remote or distributed team. This week we’re joined by Sebastian Gellwitzki, Head of Global Partner Management & Production Hub, simpleshow. Sebastian joins Maddie for a discussion about how Simpleshow are using Lano to manage their globally distributed team of creative freelancers and how the Lano tool supports them with project management, invoicing and payments in multiple currencies and onboarding their global team of talent.

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