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One of the things I love so much about working at Uberall and our ways of working is that I have freedom to work when I’m most productive. So I’m not stuck to a schedule of nine to five, or I actually have to be sitting at my home office desk and doing work. I have the flexibility of working when is most productive to me.

Senior Content Marketing Manager & Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator at Uberall

Nicole Gottselig

About Nicole

Nicole Gottselig is a Berlin-based senior content marketing manager for Uberall, one of Germany’s top SaaS companies. She’s been practising mindfulness meditation for almost a decade, completing two 12-week programs in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety and Depression in Toronto, Canada.

In January 2020, Nicole launched Uberall’s mindfulness meditation program. Since then, she’s been guiding weekly hybrid meditation sessions for her colleagues in Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Montreal and California.

Success Stories: Nicole Gottselig

It’s another episode of Success Stories on The State Of Work, where host Maddie Duke chats to individuals about their experiences working remotely or in distributed teams.

This week’s guest is Nicole Gottselig, senior content marketing manager at Uberall, a global SaaS provider that offers digital location marketing solutions to their clients. Nicole is also an experienced mindfulness meditator and she speaks to Maddie about her journey in mindfulness meditation practice and and how she’s been facilitating in-person, remote, and hybrid meditation program to her colleagues at Uberall, resulting in an increase of happiness and wellbeing.




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