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#25 - Success Stories: Christina Voll





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We don’t necessarily need to work more time, we just need to work more focused and more on things that we feel really good about working on.

Digital Marketing Consultant & Founder at Rise Remotely

Christina Voll

About Christina

Christina helps aspiring freelancers and business owners change their lives with remote work. She’s worked as a freelancer and helped dozens of brands in multiple continents grow their online presence through digital marketing and growth strategy. After years of working as a freelancer, Christina chased a more purposeful route and took the leap to help others pursue their freelancing careers and be able to live a location-independent life. In January, she launched Rise Remotely – an e-commerce storefront of online education to help people to go remote or work better remotely. 

Success Stories: Christina Voll

Welcome to another episode of The State Of Work’s Success Stories, our fortnightly podcast where Maddie chats to individuals about their experiences working remotely or in distributed teams. This week we’re joined by digital marketing consultant and founder at Rise Remotely, Christina Voll. Christina has built her self-employed career as a digital nomad by consulting to businesses on marketing and growth strategies and last year she founded Rise Remotely, an education platform and community that supports others getting started in the world of digital nomadism. 

Maddie and Christina discuss how the pandemic disrupted the digital nomad world, the loneliness of going it solo (be it traveling or running a business) and why community, mentoring and education is vital to leading a successful remote lifestyle.




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