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#7 - How to engage your remote team by building a community-first culture





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Make sure that the way people are expressing themselves is healthy and respectful of boundaries.

People & Culture Director at Quiip

Lauren Piro

About Lauren

Lauren Piro joined community management specialists Quiip in 2010 with a background in copywriting and a Bachelor of Arts. After working with an extensive range of government, non-profit and commercial communities at Quiip, she has turned a passion for fostering connection towards her role as People & Culture Director.

Lauren specialises in managing sensitive and high-risk online spaces, particularly with a health or peer support focus. She launched the Play Safe online forum, developed strategy for the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, and lead the ReachOut, SANE, BeyondBlue and Movember teams. She has been a speaker at Social Media Day Adelaide.

Quiip are leaders and specialists in online community building, social media, high-risk content and crisis management and Lauren is an original member of their fully-distributed team. She has lived in Melbourne, Newcastle and Toronto and is now located on Adelaide’s southern beaches.

How to engage your remote team by building a community-first culture

Organizational culture is defined by both the behavioural standards and the working environment between a business and its employees. Whilst traditionally these were centered around social in-person environments such as lunchrooms and the infamous watercooler, the social and behavioural aspects of the remote work culture is now virtual and contain a different set of challenges for both managers and team members.

Whether you’re building a remote-first business from scratch, transitioning to a fully remote business, or operating a hybrid model that combines both in-person and remote teams, there are several commonalities that benchmark a healthy and engaged working culture. This may include things such as establishing a good onboarding program, regular team rituals, wellbeing check-ins, and embracing preferred communication styles and/or letting team members choose their work hours.

In this episode of The State Of Work, Maddie is joined by Lauren Piro, the People & Culture Director at Australian community management specialists Quiip. As an experienced community manager since the early days of the internet and to her current role at Quiip, Lauren shares with The State Of Work listeners how online communities are made, what makes them thrive and what principles we can take from them when it comes to building and nurturing a remote team culture that aligns with your organization’s values. 




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