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#5 - Overcoming remote working challenges in the creative industries





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There are new possibilities and we were forced to be creative. Not only in what kind of films we are making but in how we are working together. And maybe, we also have a new sense of how important other people are.

Film Producer at Shoot’n’Post

Marc-Daniel Dichant

About Marc

Marc-Daniel Dichant is a film producer with more than 15 years of international experience producing films for both cinema and television. His work has won major festival and film awards worldwide and has been nominated for both an Academy Award and Grimme Prize.

Marc is responsible for project financing & development, studio sales and manages all resources at Shoot’n’Post, a Berlin-based full-service post-production studio for cinema and television. He is a graduate of the German Film and Television Academy and he is a member of the European Film Academy.

Overcoming remote working challenges in the creative industries

Working in the creative industries has always been a risky endeavour but the fall-out from COVID-19 for artists has been epoch-making even as the audience demand for film and television has increased during global lockdowns. Pre-COVID, technology has been a major disruptor and game-changer for filmmakers and the entire industry, but the shift to a purely remote workforce has come with numerous challenges. 

Even in normal times, it takes a lot of vision and resilience to pursue a career in film. You could also say, that the film industry were some of the original remote workers. Whether they were shooting films on location or attending film festivals and trade events; filmmakers, cast and crew were used to producing under demanding circumstances, in unusual locations, and for intense periods at a time.

In the first of our series focusing on creative industries, Maddie is joined by Oscar-nominated film producer Marc-Daniel Dichant. They discuss the current state of the film industry, online film festivals and networking, making films remotely and how crucial the live audience is to film culture. 


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