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#16 - How to navigate local taxes when scaling your business globally





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If you don’t offer some even limited element to work from anywhere, you could lose your best employees.

Co-Founder at Work From Anywhere

John Lee

About John

John is the co-founder of the Work From Anywhere team, a platform designed to help remote workers make work from anywhere a reality.  He is a Chartered Accountant who speaks 6 languages and previously co-founded CultureMee, an intercultural awareness platform which won “Best Travel Technology Product” at the Global Youth Travel Awards in 2018.   Prior to CultureMee, he was the senior finance leader of a €4 billion division of CRH Plc, a FTSE-listed company.  John and his family are passionate about travelling and his eldest daughter, Rosa, is only 4 years old but has already travelled to 23 different countries.

How to navigate local taxes when scaling your business globally

You might have seen companies advertising ‘work from anywhere’ as part of their recruitment marketing campaigns. And as potential employees, it’s an incredibly appealing perk. But many workers and independent contractors are simply unaware of the impact it has on their taxes when it comes to where they reside, do their work, what their nationality is and complications of double taxation laws.

On this episode we meet Irishman John Lee, co-founder of Work From Anywhere. He joins Maddie on The State Of Work to discuss the implications and obligations of everyone’s favourite topic… tax! In his research when starting Work From Anywhere, tax often came up as the number one pain point for employees and employers and so they developed a tool to help remote workers to facilitate their tax risk and provide them access to a global marketplace of tax advisers.

Maddie and John discuss the many risks involved with tax, from digital nomads, business travellers, and of course, remote workers and also how the jurisdictions are hot on the toes of this accelerating world of remote work. The good news is that with planning, strategy, awareness and the right risk-assessment tools in place, remote workers are becoming more aware of their tax obligations as they navigate this changing world of work. Join Maddie and John for an enlightening discussion about the complexities of “working from anywhere”.  


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